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The GNO Port Safety Council has been active in southern Louisiana for over 40 years, with a mission to promote safety and security in the navigable waterways of our state and the Gulf of Mexico. In collaboration between local industry leaders and the United States Coast Guard Sector New Orleans, the GNOPSC is a forum for identifying, assessing, and addressing navigational safety and security concerns throughout the USCG Captain of the Port area, which encompasses the Lower Mississippi River, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Inner Harbor Navigational Canal, Port Allen Route, Atchafalaya River, Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, and Tiger Pass. 

The GNOPSC functions as a Harbor Safety Committee, and our membership includes representatives from all areas of maritime operations and services as well as local, state, and Federal Government partners. We work together to share ideas and solutions, evaluate concerns about the local industry, and get to know each other and the parts we all play in maintaining a safe waterway system together. 

Participation in the Port Safety Council is open to all interested stakeholders, and you can request more information about joining here.

In addition to our regular meetings, you may be interested in participating in our annual conference, Marine Industry Day. This event is hosted by the Port Safety Council for the benefit of the maritime community, and is free to attend thanks to our generous sponsors. With the USCG, we plan and present a full day of speakers and panels covering relevant topics and current issues in the industry. For more information about our conference, click here or on the Annual Conference tab at the top of this page. 

Do you have a project or presentation you would like to share with the Port Safety Council stakeholders? Please contact us​ with your proposal and and a board member will reach out to you for more information. 

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